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House at Haunted Hill

House at Haunted Hill

  1. Description

Full Description

A humble home, nestled at the bottom of a haunted hillside,
next to a narrow and dark street in the southern foothills of the San Fernando Valley.

The occupants of the haunted home and hillside have chosen safety over convenience.
The haunted show is viewed from a street which has been blocked from vehicular traffic…
In turn, parking is a hair-raising event.

Visitors do not enter the haunted home or hillside.
Due to spirits within, they simply can’t ensure anyone who enters will leave in one piece.

The home and hillside come to life simply for the love of Halloween:

We hope you have a mysteriously frightening time!

Date(s) and Times of Operation

Friday, October 26, 7pm – 12am
Saturday, October 27, 7pm – 12am
Sunday, October 28, 7pm – 10pm
Monday, October 29, 7pm – 10pm
Tuesday, October 30, 7pm – 10pm
Wednesday, October 31, 7pm – 10pm

Our spooks will try their best to come out if it is raining
but we simply can’t make any promises!